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Mighty Blue on the Appalachian Trail:

The Ultimate Mid-Life Crisis

Jul 12, 2018

Anna Jones wrote to me a few months back to thank me for the various shows and our guests. Anna and Branden were planning a flip-flop, starting in May, so I asked her if they would like to be interviewed for the show once they had 500 miles under their feet. They are now in Vermont, getting ready for the AT's biggest and, in my opinion, best challenges–New Hampshire and Maine.

Our interview was a delight, with stories and perceptions–including encounters with a few of our previous guests–mixed in a wide-ranging interview. You'll be impressed by their thoughtful responses.

You can follow along with this wonderful couple on their Facebook Group under BrandAnna Hike The AT

We also saw the return of Cesar Becerra in If I Did It Again. Considering that his hike lasted over a year, it seemed likely that Cesar might change one or two things.

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