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Mighty Blue on the Appalachian Trail:

The Ultimate Mid-Life Crisis

Aug 24, 2019

I wanted to share my last day on the trail with you all. The sound is often distorted through wind and even our paces. That said, I hope you gather from the show my enthusiasm and delight at getting this job done.

Don’t forget, we’ll be back to normal service next week, with another guest telling their story, as...

Aug 23, 2019

With the worst mountains in the 100 Mile Wilderness begins us, Trigger and I had to put in some long days to meet our goal of summiting Katahdin by Friday.

The rocks and roots, abetted by some very dubious weather, tried to throw us off our game plan but we persevered.

Make sure you listen to the last episode in...

Aug 22, 2019

Given how lucky we’ve been with the weather so far, I suppose it was only inevitable that the 100 Mile Wilderness gave us four straight days of rain.

Rocks and roots are tricky at the driest of times; after rain they can be lethal.

Despite this, we have a plan and are currently following it perfectly. Next time...

Aug 16, 2019

We’ve covered a lot of ground to get here and are now in Monson, ready to hit the 100 Mile Wilderness.

The path here hasn’t always been straight (or even northbound), yet we’ve covered every mile and have longed for these final days. There is something almost surreal about what we’re about to do, as climbing...

Aug 13, 2019

Slackpacking the tougher mountains has been a feature of these past four days.

With the Saddlebacks, the Crocker’s, then the stunningly beautiful Bigelows, we’ve been treated to (mostly) great weather.

Now, past 2000 miles, we’re refining our options for the end of our journey. Hard to believe, really.