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Mighty Blue on the Appalachian Trail:

The Ultimate Mid-Life Crisis

Jan 26, 2023

Amanda Wylie is an independent, strong young woman from Queens, NY. She hiked the Appalachian Trail last year and, despite loving the impact it had upon her, she had to address a few issues on her journey that were unexpected, and often unwanted.

Despite that, she wants her experience to inspire women to take on the...

Jan 19, 2023

Today, we hear from one of the unsung heroes of our hiking world. He's not a thru-hiker–though his son did one–but he's a member of the Board of ALDHA, the Appalachian Long Distance Hikers Association. Where the ATC concerns itself with the well-being of the trail itself, ALDHA focuses on hikers.

John joined the...

Jan 12, 2023

We have one of our younger newly minted thru-hikers today. Julia Widmar was only 20 when she hit the trail last year, though she had learned so much in the previous five years as she looked forward to this journey of a lifetime.

Julia is an EMT nurse who was thoroughly prepared at Amicolola to take on the trail and,...

Jan 5, 2023

Nick Gagnon is an elite level hiker. He completed the Great Western Loop in 2022 in under 200 days, a remarkable achievement in that the loop is just shy of 7,000 miles. Virtually by definition, Nick spent a lot of time by himself, and he shares with us his coping mechanisms for such a solo endeavor.

He was so...