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Mighty Blue on the Appalachian Trail:

The Ultimate Mid-Life Crisis

Mar 28, 2024

A few weeks ago, I met today’s guest, Sarah Denison Williams, at the Appalachian Trail Club of Florida, and was so impressed by her presentation that I invited her on to the show. But it turned out that Sarah had so much more to share than the confines of her presentation that we expanded our recording to cover it all.

Sarah shares the work done by the Conservation Foundation here in South West Florida, but also speaks to the local and national implications of that work and other trusts around the country.

Additionally, she tells us the seven wilderness survival priorities that she presented to us at the Florida ATC, and we’ll all get a good refresher on that. You can find out more about the subjects that Sarah brings to the show by these various links.

In our occasional series on other hikes, Lisa Rana brings us the three or four day Tri State Hike, a 25-mile loop taking in parts of Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York. You can check out her daily progress on the hike via her vlog:

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

I hope we’re able to introduce other, shorter trails to offer something for everybody in the future.

I’m using my hike in the UK on the South West Coast Path to help raise money for my absolute favorite charity, Parenting Matters, on whose board I’ve been privileged to serve for over a decade. You can learn more about the hike and the organization–and donate–by visiting And, maybe, you’ll get a personal picture of me thanking you with your name etched in the sand during my hike. I hope you want to support this critical mission.

Don’t forget. Our entire series of videos from our Woods Hole Weekend in 2022 is now FREE and available at my YouTube page at There, you’ll find all sorts of tips and tricks that our guests took away from the weekend that helped them with their own hikes this year. Check it out.

I often ask listeners for ideas on who to interview, and I’m sure several of you say, “I could do that. I’ve got an awesome story to tell.” You’re the person we need to hear from. If you’d like to be interviewed on the podcast, just register as a guest on the link below, and I’ll be in touch.

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