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Mighty Blue on the Appalachian Trail:

The Ultimate Mid-Life Crisis

Dec 30, 2021

Our guest today is Sarah Robison. As you'll hear, she is very reflective about the hike and how it came about, articulating clearly some of her thought processes along the way. Sarah has changed her life to suit the "new" person who came back from the trail.

She is a Nurse Anesthetist, specializing in neurosurgery, and resigned from this position to hike the trail. The adventure had such an impact upon her that she has modified her lifestyle to accommodate less stress and allow more freedom in her life.

You can connect with Sarah on her social media on Facebook at, on Instagram at, on YouTube at, and on her website, which is at

I also spoke with a new member of the Class of 2022, Dom Tammaro. Dom and I had quite a laugh as he is preparing to head out to the trail in a few months. We'll be catching up with Dom before he goes.

But Chuck Hayes is going to be one of the first 2022 hikers out there. Chuck plans to hit the trail and be at the top of Springer at midnight on December 31. I caught up with him after I saw a funny video he'd posted . You can see it here.

We could only get part of Chapter 18 of Winton Porter's Passin' Thru in today; plenty still happens!

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