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Mighty Blue on the Appalachian Trail:

The Ultimate Mid-Life Crisis

Mar 30, 2017

  The Hiker Yearbook is fast becoming a must-have item for thru-hikers of recent years. Matthew Odie Norman is providing a great service to hikers as he not only provides trail magic but also puts together his own version of magic with this glorious keepsake from that magical time in the woods. He is reaching out to his community to allow them to reconnect after the trail, answering his own question after reaching the summit of Katahdin, "What's the second book?" The Hiker Yearbook is the second book.       Critically, he would appreciate the support back from his community in the form of your vote, every day until April 5. Click on Fedex to be taken directly to the voting site. Please don't pass this by. We can do it.   You can reach out to Odie in several ways. There is his website, Facebook, and Instagram. Check him out and encourage this great project. You can also email him directly at     Jessa, or Atticus, or Attie, is on her way. The first interview, from Gooch Gap is pretty lousy quality, which was entriely down to my boyish enthusiasm and stupidity, but the second is a lot better. She is having a blast and I hope you're looking forward to hearing more from her as she makes her way north.   The amazing Stacey Kozell continues to disarm me with her glorious self-deprecation as she describes her pre-trail concerns in Fear & Loathing on the Appalachian Trail. Yes, her concerns APART from being paralyzed. You never have a conversation with Stacey without feeling better about your own blessings.   You can support my efforts in the show by buying my books or supporting the show on Patreon. There is a button that can take you directly to my Patreon page, or you could simply click here.