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Mighty Blue on the Appalachian Trail:

The Ultimate Mid-Life Crisis

Nov 26, 2020

We have a story today of a young man who walked away from a life of extreme poverty to find himself (literally) on the Appalachian Trail. Matthew Emerson's story is now a book, and his visceral experiences set the scene for his journey and a new life at the end.

Matthew's insights gleaned from his hike resonated with...

Nov 19, 2020

Another full show today, with Alan Carpenter taking up long-distance hiking in his 60s and still going today, well into his 70s.

Alan's story is a testimony to his persistence, while his joy at the people and sights of the various trails he has done shines through. He does get a little banged up from time to time. In...

Nov 12, 2020

It's a slightly shorter show this week, with Laura Sheehan, or Rocket, as our principal guest. Julia was a member of my last AT class; the Class of 2019. We never met on the trail, but I was made aware of the popularity of her YouTube videos.

She is a very self-aware hiker, acknowledging the changes she saw in herself,...

Nov 5, 2020

This week's guest, Dan Schoenthal, is an unlikely thru-hiker. He suffers from Parkinson's Disease and, as you'll learn, he has pushed through this impediment, getting an impressive start on the 2200-mile journey.

I spoke with Dan a few weeks ago, and he mentioned a fund-raising effort he was making in conjunction with...