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Mighty Blue on the Appalachian Trail:

The Ultimate Mid-Life Crisis

Apr 22, 2021

For my show this month, I've returned to the Class of 2019 and a woman I met quite early on. Sarah Jane Hatfield was an outwardly confident hiker, with a YouTube channel and blog for a local newspaper, chronicling her way north. However, that wasn't at all how she felt in those early days. Her fascinating story is punctuated with a birth (her daughter's, not hers), a traumatic injury, a romance, and ultimate satisfaction on top of Katahdin.

Sarah emerges from her experience even stronger than the woman she initially presented. Her story is another of those that fall under the category of "beware of what you wish for." In Sarah's case, the transformation was totally positive.

You can follow Sarah's YouTube channel and blog by clicking on the links below.

Katie has had another tough week, with a nagging ankle injury teaching her a significant lesson. Nevertheless, she soldiers on and heads out again this Thursday.

I spoke today about my new Author page. You can find it at With a bit of luck, it should be live on Thursday morning!! Check out the intended covers of my next hiking books below. NOTE!! These are NOT written yet.


These were designed by a previous podcast guest, Jessie Crawford. You can see more of her great design work at

Larry Luxenburg's Walking the Appalachian Trail distills trail wisdom that is still relevant 30 years after it was written. We're coming to the end of this book. I hope you've enjoyed getting this glimpse into our hiking forefathers.

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