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Mighty Blue on the Appalachian Trail:

The Ultimate Mid-Life Crisis

Aug 16, 2018

For our 100th episode and, indeed, for our 101st, I have two friends with whom I finished the trail. Next week, it will be Pat Coate, or Tee Bird. This week, Ken Hall, or Lighterknot, joins us to tell us how the Class of 2014 affected him. We have a wide-ranging and definitely nostalgic chat about the time we spent together.

In the interview, our laughter was incessant and proved how easily we picked up with one another again. Ken was supported on his 2014 journey by his wife, Deb, who was there at Springer to see him off.

He is a man of faith, and his prayer at the end is burned into my mind, yet this is the first time I've seen the picture that was taken. That picture is placed at the end of these notes. If you'd like to read more about Ken's journey, here is a link to his blog.

We also had three more interviews from the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in Denver recently. I met:

James Peet of Simple Shower If you click on the link to his website you'll see a really good video that shows you what this simple device is like and what it can do.

Ethan Devine of Solarcamp The solar charger that Ethan talks about is the Solympic-Hue.

Andy Birutis of Alchemi Labs told us about his reflective hats that reflect 80% of the sun's heatwaves. I liked the River Hat. Could my shirt really be any more pink??


Chrissy Funk returned to the show with If I Did It Again. Her sometimes almost-harrowing videos displayed the emotion she has for the AT and she resolved to get back to it someday and told us the changes she would make.

We hope that you take the opportunity to support our sponsor, Trailtopia, when you consider your next backpacking trip. Go to to check out their wide variety of meals.