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Mighty Blue on the Appalachian Trail:

The Ultimate Mid-Life Crisis

Mar 11, 2021

I hadn't noticed how many of my fellow members of the Class of 2019 I'd had on the show until I spoke with Ray Kroebl, or Sparky. Ray is Swiss and, while we never met on the trail, we did hike just a few days apart. He started four days before me and ended five days before I did. And it was feeling such a kindred spirit with Ray that made me aware of how many of my fellow hikers on that trip were similarly kindred spirits. When you share time in such a visceral society, we bond.

Ray is from Switzerland, so we spoke about his logistical challenges of getting onto the trail, as well as the enjoyment that he derived from literally every day that he spent on the trail.

You can follow more of Ray's experiences through his Instagram account at

Also this week, ATC's Brendan Mysliwiec, who is the Director of Federal Policy and Legislation and runs advocacy and federal government relations for ATC. He shares some fascinating insights into the sort of work with which the ATC is involved, dealing with an incoming administration.

Then, Katie Westling got on the phone to me and shared those first few days of being on the trail. As you'll hear, Katie had a somewhat more comfortable time than most!! If you'd like to see more of Katie's hike, remember to visit her YouTube page at


Finally, in Walking The Appalachian Trail, by Larry Luxenburg, we're introduced to the cult of Garveyism!! Fascinating.

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