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Mighty Blue on the Appalachian Trail:

The Ultimate Mid-Life Crisis

Jan 19, 2017

  Patrick Bredlau had a truly life-changing experience on the trail. His candor at his spiritual epiphany was touching, while his encounter with a man hiding from his past seemed to provide a counter-point. Following his hike, he has given talks about the trail and exhibited pictures from his journey. Some of these photographs are on show at the Illinois State Museum. The museum also sells his book and 50% of the royalties from those sales are donated to the museum. Other ways to get the book include his website,, where you can buy the book directly from Patrick or, of course, Amazon.

If you'd like to contact Patrick, you can email him at or find him on his Facebook page, where you'll find his speaking engagements on his event calendar. The pictures below are one of Patrick at the top of a cold Mt. Washington, a copy of his book cover, and one of the two of us just before the end, in Maine. We both look very reflective.

              I'd still like to hear from you with a trail name for Jessa, more "If I did it again" ideas, and any other suggestions you may have for the show. The more we can interact with each other, the better the show will be. See you all next week.