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Mighty Blue on the Appalachian Trail:

The Ultimate Mid-Life Crisis

Feb 7, 2019

As soon as I started speaking with Paul Maguire I knew we'd get on well. He has that cheeky Irish lilt to his voice with a smile just under the surface, ready to make an appearance at a moment's notice.

Paul retired and was looking for something to do when the AT caught his attention. Unlike some, though, he didn't go straight to the trail. He hiked in Ireland for a while before spreading his wings and touring Europe with a kayak, his bike, and his backpack. He even took a major detour up Mount Kilimanjaro.

Eventually, Paul made it to the East Coast of the US and headed north. What he found was a delightful surprise, as I'm sure he was to his fellow travelers.

We also have Margi Miims this week, the eighth and final member of the Mighty Blue Class of 2019.

Margi and all our class members are hoping to beat the odds and complete the trail by the end of this hiking season. I hope you stick around and follow our journeys.

For now, though, let's finish with a beaming Irish Paul.