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Mighty Blue on the Appalachian Trail:

The Ultimate Mid-Life Crisis

Sep 20, 2018

As a writer, Cindy Ross must be feeling fulfilled. She has published seven books about hiking and educating in the outdoors. However, it is as a hiker that she established her bona fides to write these books. She has completed the Triple Crown and realized the value of educating her children while on these trails.

Memorably, Cindy and her husband, Todd Gladfelter, spent five summers completing the Continental Divide Trail with their two children–on llamas.

Cindy's bio says "Cindy and her husband learned how experiences can generate extraordinary learning" and they put that realization into practice by providing their own children with the platform to learn in the outdoors.

You can reach Cindy via email at and read more about her on her blog,

If you'd like to read her latest book, check out For ALL of her books, just click on her author's page in Amazon,

This week in our Outdoor Retailers Summer Market roundup, we spoke with the following people:

Sourya Ghosh and Dale Pendleton of Soul Inventions, who had brought their Solar Scroll, an innovative solar charger that will shortly be available. You can check out this fascinating device at

Hugo Davidson, of Knog, introduced me to the Bandicoot Headlamp, after an astonishingly successful Kickstarter campaign. The best way to see this is through their Kickstarter page at, though you can learn more about Knog at

Tiasha Renganathan introduced me to some of the stuff that she is working on with Twinery, including their Phoenix Active Heating Platform. Learn more about the exciting innovations at Twinery at