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Mighty Blue on the Appalachian Trail:

The Ultimate Mid-Life Crisis

May 31, 2018

This week's guest, Tom Healy, is somebody who I hiked around for a while in 2014. He seemed so comfortable out in the woods that I assumed that he had been a lifetime hiker. It turns out that, like me, this was his first long-distance hike. Since he completed the Appalachian Trail, Tom has spent more and more of his life hiking longer trails and regards it as his lifestyle.

As we spoke in this interview I found a few more similarities in our journey, but it was in the post-hike worlds that hiking became his new normal while I was pretty sure that I was one and done. That turned out not to be the case for me, but for Tom, it really accelerated to the extent that he expects to complete his Triple Crown this summer.

He loves to photograph his surroundings and I urge you all to check out his Instagram account, where you can find him at thealy416. If you'd like to follow his journey even closer, why not read his Trail Journals from the PCT and the CDT?

Tom would love to reconnect with old friends so look him up, not only on Instagram but also on Facebook at tom.healy.79677. He even shared his phone number if anybody wants to chat directly. Call him on 843-425-3033 but please call at a reasonable time!!

Bethany Varner came on for a brief chat about one or two things that she might change about her hike were she ever to go again.

We started our new book, The Year We Seized The Day, by Eli Best and Colin Bowles. It tells the story of two friends hiking the Camino in Spain and we get a glimpse into the hike from both their individual perspectives.

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