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Mighty Blue on the Appalachian Trail:

The Ultimate Mid-Life Crisis

May 24, 2018

This week, Eli Best tells me about the journey she took on the Camino De Santiago back in 2004. She had suffered a heart attack and organ failure several years before and the Camino was her way of testing herself in a life that had almost been written off. She shared the journey with an old friend of Steve's. Colin Bowles had moved to Australia as a teenager and found fame as an author while there, writing under the name of Colin Falconer.

Their journey together was transformative in many ways, many of which Eli believes, continue to this day. They wrote a book together three years after their journey and this book, The Year We Seized The Day, is going to be the new book read on the show from next week. It is a riveting read and we all hope that you enjoy the story told by both a woman and a man.

You can find the Paperback version of the book on Amazon, though the Kindle version doesn't appear to be currently available. They have a great little website for the book, with loads of pre-digital images now digitized for the site. They look great.

Eli's first book, Eli's Wings, is also available on Amazon, while Colin's website is also worth seeking out.

Jeff Alt returns to the show to tell us one or two things he'd change were he ever to repeat his 90s hike of the AT.

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