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Mighty Blue on the Appalachian Trail:

The Ultimate Mid-Life Crisis

Mar 22, 2018

For Maria Wishart, hiking the Appalachian Trail became part of her life and, when she could no longer drive the distances required to get her AT "fix," her solution was to move to a more convenient spot on the trail. Maria and her husband had shared most of those hiking miles but after the move, her husband was constrained by work, so Maria started hiking on her own.

But Maria's story is much more than another hiker doing the trail in sections. She got into hiking when she set foot on the trail for the first time, on Mount Greylock. Discovering what the trail was all about, she researched and set out on her journeys, with her husband. Another impetus was her dying father's wishes on his bucket list. What she learned from his bucket list was extremely instructive.

She is enthralled by the trail and has now completed just over half of the entire 2,190-mile length of the AT.

Maria will be happy to hear from you through Facebook or Instagram, while you can email her at

On today's show, we also heard about two upcoming shows on the Hiking Radio Network. First, Dixie "LIVE" on the Continental Divide Trail will be available later this week. Watch the Mighty Blue Facebook page for announcements.

The other show that I announced today is Anna Huthmaker's show, The Trail Dames Podcast, where Anna interviews like-minded, empowering and empowered women on mountains and in forests. You can find Anna's show on iTunes and everywhere you listen to podcasts. Alternatively, you can click the show name (above) and be taken directly to episode #1.

Please remember that Bruce Matson is onto week number four in his AT bid. You can find that show at Returning to Katahdin on iTunes or by clicking the link above.

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