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Mighty Blue on the Appalachian Trail:

The Ultimate Mid-Life Crisis

Jul 6, 2017

Digger was one of the guys I met during my 2014 journey and, as often happened, this short acquaintance proved to assist me in my own hike. Once he'd completed the AT, Digger went on to many other adventures, including the PCT, the Camino and a kind of freestyle journey through France, England and, ultimately Ireland. Digger is currently plotting a beautiful trail through Italy with his 10-year-old daughter, Rosie.     He was also involved in a little bit of controversy over his somewhat exuberant celebrations at the top of Katahdin. Frankly, after over 2,000 miles, I would have thought that wouldn't be too much of a problem. Oh well.     The one below is the more restrained version. You can connect with Digger via Facebook or just check out his YouTube channel.     No Jessa this week, so I had John Boyet on the show to give us a few tips on what to look out for if you're in the market for new boots or shoes.