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Mighty Blue on the Appalachian Trail:

The Ultimate Mid-Life Crisis

Apr 27, 2017

  In early November 2013, John Bock had a triple bypass following a completely unexpected heart attack. He and his wife, Melody, had planned to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail from March 2014—which is what they did. They flip-flopped and completed their adventure at Harpers Ferry in November 2014, just over a year after the news that would have postponed, or even abandoned the dreams of less determined people.       Their remarkable story, along with the radical lifestyle that they have since adopted, is told in this interview. They are homeless by choice, fearless, and ever moving forward, refusing to stop their enviable lifestyle. Melody even had the time to give me a botany lesson on the trail, identifying plants as we walked by until she pointed out something that she referred to as a Lady Slipper, but which, to me, would always be known as Vasectomy Surprise.   John and Melody would be happy to hear from old friends and fellow hikers at, while they can also be found on Facebook. Click either John or Melody.   Their journey wasn't easy, but they made many friends along the way and proved, yet again, that the trail can get you through your toughest days if you keep moving forward.     Attie continues to revel in the trail, though this week she had her first setback. When she told me about it I was worried for her but she just shrugged it off and got on with it. Her perseverance was rewarded with a really sweet dollop of trail magic, administered by one of our wonderful, caring listeners. Thanks, Casey.   In Fear and Loathing, Gary Sizer confesses to his worries about having a damp hike, and admits to his doubts along the way as he got closer to Katahdin. You can read about Gary's journey by going to his Amazon page for Where's the Next Shelter? It is a really funny read and one that I highly recommend.   Please consider supporting the show by becoming a patron at Patreon. Thanks to those of you who have already done so.