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Mighty Blue on the Appalachian Trail:

The Ultimate Mid-Life Crisis

Mar 23, 2017

  Did you ever wonder what it is like for those we leave behind? Listen to my wife Diane talking about the impact that my hike had on her life. She is forthright and brutally honest in our.conversation, telling me a couple of things we'd never really discussed before. I even left in something that I'd originally intended to leave out when she hit me with another revelation. When I was editing this interview, I was struck by the passion that she eventually had for MY adventure. Her understanding of it, and the AT sense of community, helped her to cope better with our separation. I always knew that I was a lucky guy; this proved it to me yet again. I just hope that everybody on the A.T. this year has somebody at home who cares as deeply for them and their journey..       Our globe-trotting adventurer, Jessa, has returned from her pre thru-hike trip to Europe. She had just a couple of days at home and will be leaving on her hike this morning, March 23. We spoke for the last time when she got to Atlanta. The next time we talk, she'll be somewhere on a mountain. I can't wait and will be presenting her updates from the trail every week. You can also follow her blog, by clicking here.   Dixie gave us plenty of sensible advice with her Fear and Loathing segment. She, too, is preparing to plunge back into the "homeless by choice" lifestyle, as she is getting ready for her PCT adventure. Don't forget to follow her on Facebook at Homemade Wanderlust Backpacking Forum and, of course, catch her great YouTube series of videos which will soon include scenes from her PCT trip   This week, I introduced my Patreon account for the people who'd like to support the show with a couple of bucks every now and then. You can find the page at I hope you'd like to become a patron if you enjoy what I'm sharing with you each week.