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Mighty Blue on the Appalachian Trail:

The Ultimate Mid-Life Crisis

Mar 18, 2021

Self-described "Complete Nature Boy," Rue McKenrick is today's guest. He takes us on a journey around the American Perimeter Trail. It was Rue's vision that spawned the idea and he is the one who is driving it forward. He is soon to return to the trail after an absence of six months. When he left it for a break–in October 2020–he had been out on the trail for over a year.

Rue's hiking resume is extensive, including the Triple Crown and the John Muir Trail. But it is the APT that occupies his thought these days, as he works to realize his ambition. He's been shot at and had about 20 interactions with Law Enforcement while blazing this trail, so the difficulty of the mission should not be underestimated.

If you'd like to learn more about the trail and about Rue, you can follow him on Instagram at and on the trail's website, at

Katie Westling is learning a few harsh realities on the trail, though she was expecting them! Her honeymoon period is over and the real work of a thru-hike is now in front of her. Remember, you can follow her on YouTube at

With Summer coming, I'm taking a break from the main part of the podcast (apart from a monthly show plus my weekly interviews with Katie) and Ryan Hopkins will be taking my place as the presenter. Here, Ryan chats about his plans for the show and demonstrates how he is a ready-made temporary replacement for me. Don't forget, I'll be back in October full time. In the interim, you can reach out to Ryan at or, of course, I'll always be happy to hear from any of you at

Larry Luxenburg's "Walking the Appalachian Trail" discusses some of the traditions and silliness of the trail from 25 years ago.

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