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Mighty Blue on the Appalachian Trail:

The Ultimate Mid-Life Crisis

Feb 9, 2017

  One of the fearless women I met in the Class of 2014, Kate Schmidlin, or Tigger, embodied the spirit of the trail. I never saw her pissed off at anybody, she was constantly laughing and never complaining. We didn't see each other after Damascus, but she left a big impression on me. She talks with an endearing openness about some of the rigors of being a woman of child-bearing age on the trail. It is, of course, a subject on which I had no opinion, yet one that affects nearly half of all hikers. Kate is very willing to hear from any of you who might prefer a longer conversation on this and, indeed any other subject about the trail. Her email address is and she is also on Facebook as Kate.Schmidlin. She even shared her phone number for those wishing to either reconnect with her or have a longer conversation. Call her at 330-842-7225 but please be aware of the time if you call. She also blogged about the trail at       Congrats to Jessa and Nick, and big props to Jessa's mom for doing what only a mother could do; loudly proclaiming the strength, endurance, and all-around great qualities of her daughter. With just six weeks to go, we'll soon be talking to her from the trail. Remember, you can contact Jessa directly at   Please keep the reviews and emails coming, as well as trail names for Jessa . Hearing from you all really lets me know where I'm going right and where I need to make changes.   If you'd like to support the show further, please check out my books on Amazon. The link to my author page is here. If you'd rather get my free book to see if you like how I write, just click on and sign up for it.   See you next week.