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Mighty Blue on the Appalachian Trail:

The Ultimate Mid-Life Crisis

Jan 23, 2020

This interview with Silvia Cassano was recorded nearly a year ago, but I've only just recovered it. Silvia is a "Trail Angel" referred to by a previous guest, yet she has so much more to offer than that. Her knowledge of all things trail shines through here, with her many positions within the AT community contributing, particularly to the trail in her own community.

Image courtesy of Jeff Yardis.

Silvia admits to being opinionated, so her views on the trail are pretty much unvarnished and welcome at this time. She is passionate about the true meaning of Trail Magic and isn't a big fan of hiker feeds, with Leave No Trace principles uppermost in her mind.

The Vermont theme is continued by a conversation with Jess Treat, a woman in whose home I have now stayed twice, both on my 2014 thru-hike and my hike last year. Jess tells us about her home and the service that she offers hikers seeking some warmth and comfort on the trail.

Finally, Paul Stutzman is on the verge of New Hampshire–also in Vermont!!