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Mighty Blue on the Appalachian Trail:

The Ultimate Mid-Life Crisis

Dec 22, 2016

  The prolific Dixie has 15,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel following her 2015 thru-hike. Her engaging manner has drawn people in and that shines through in this episode. She is also a successful author, publishing her book, Take a Thru-Hike: Dixie's How-To Guide for Hiking the Appalachian Trail (picture below). She shares a few of her stories in this episode, as well as talking about her videos, which she posts on a weekly basis. For anybody considering hiking the AT in 2017, watch Dixie's videos covering all the issues you and your wife/mother/husband/father will be worrying about as you set out on your journey of a lifetime. Apart from her YouTube channel and her book, there are many other ways to connect with Dixie. Her blog can be found at, while she is also on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Just click any of the links and they will take you to Dixie's sites. For some reason, this only works if you're on my podcast website. Please make sure that you come and listen to the podcast every Thursday. You'll be able to find all the episodes at my website,, as well as on iTunes and Stitcher. While you check out Dixie's book, you may wish to head over to my story from my 2014 thru-hike. The books are My Appalachian Trial I: Three Weddings and a Sabbatical and My Appalachian Trial II: Creaking Geezer, Hidden Flagon. If you like my podcast you'll love the books.